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If you don't find all the answers you're looking for then use the live chat feature (top right) or send us an email.

How do I place an order

Click and then click the +/- for one of the three jobs

Enter your instructions and Click 'Browse' to select your image.

Upload any additional files required to complete this job.

> Click 'submit'. When your files finish uploading you'll return to the order page. (please be patient)

When you've uploaded all of your jobs click to proceed.

About pricing/payment

There is so much possible variety for each photo task that it's impossible to set a price ahead of time.

With this in mind, the only fair solution is for us to give you the best possible price based on your own job.

This is preferable to how many companies operate where a blanket price covers all jobs. The price is higher than most simple jobs should be, in order to ensure they don't lose money when someone asks for more.

We'll price you according to what you need, and no more. Our minimum price is 3.

About file uploads

Each job normally consists of one image file which will be returned to you altered. This is your main image file and you upload it using the first button inside each job on the page.

You may need to send another image as a supporting file using the second button.
For example you may want a person moving from one photo to another

If you need to send more files you are allowed to upload a zip or rar file (compressed archive) containing multiple files.

File types that are accepted are: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .raw, .tiff, .pdf, .cdr, .psd, .doc, .docx, .rar, and .zip.
Your images will not upload until you hit the button. It may take upto a few minutes so please be patient.
When the upload completes you'll be returned to the page.

My access key

The access key is a handy tool. You will be allocated one when you upload your first file/instructions.

The access key allows you to recall your progress If you can't complete your order and you need to return later.

The page displays your order number and access key and also allows you to enter your access key where it says 'recall order'.

You can also email yourself the key from the same place.

Note regarding security: This system has been designed to be easy to use. Anyone who used your access key would only ever see your images and instructions.

If security is an issue or any of your images are very sensitive or confidential simply tell us in the instructions and email us the images.

Under no circumstances will your email address or any payment details (we don't hold these) ever be visible to you or anyone else on our site.